Shipping and Delivery

How it works

Saatxa is a marketplace, which means we are the link between you and the brands. Where you can buy multiple products from different brands with a single checkout.

Our brands are in charge of the delivery of their products, for example, in the case you purchase items from different brands you will expect to pay several shipping costs, per brand and you will receive several packages (per brand).

Shipping/Delivery Costs

Each brand has their own shipping cost, we will specify their charges on the product descriptions. In the checkout, you will see how much the total shipping cost is. Please note, that if you buy from different brands, at the checkout you will see the total shipping cost.

Shipping/Delivery times

Our partners are in different parts of the world, so please expect different delivery times. As an average, these will be the estimated delivery times:

  • 2-7 days for “Home Country” (and EU/UK if the brand is not based on the USA)
  • 7-14 days for “International Shipping”

Please note, these times may vary and pre-order products may take longer to be shipped.