Sellers Terms & Conditions



(Hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, “We,” “Us”, “Our”)

(Hereinafter referred to as “the Website”)


Sellers Terms and Conditions

  1. Overview
    • Saatxa is a UK Private Limited Company, Company Number 12659679, within the field of e-commerce, providing Users with the option to Order Products relating to fashion and fashion accessories, pursuant to these Terms.
    • The Company is an online marketplace providing a platform for independent Sellers to offer their Products on the Website.
    • Members of the Partnership Program are hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”.
    • These Terms should be construed with and you are also bound by the general Terms and Conditions of the Website. Please carefully read all Company legal documents before accepting to enrol in the Partnership Program.
    • If you are unclear, require further information, or think that there is a mistake in these Terms, please contact us to discuss.
  2. Overview of Process
    • The Seller shall register and create an account (Clause 6 Sellers Account & Dashboard).
    • The Company shall maintain all Communication with the Customers unless otherwise specified.
    • The Company shall immediately inform the Seller of the full detail of Products purchased for the purposes of fulfilment.
  3. Seller’s Duties, Obligations & Responsibilities
    • The Seller shall create a Seller Account on the Website’s Dashboard.
    • The Seller is responsible for the Delivery, Shipment, and Fulfillment of all their listed Products purchased.
    • The Seller shall keep the Company informed and the Website updated of any and all changes related to all Products featured on the Website.
    • The Seller is required to provide:
      • Product Feed (CSV, Excel, Google Document, etc) if applicable or,
        • Shall synchronise the Product Feed through Syncio.
      • Digital Images of all Products sold on the Website to be used for any Marketing purpose the Company deems necessary,
      • Brand and/or Product guidelines,
    • The Company may request free samples of Products from the Seller for the purposes of creating marketing material, at the discretion of the Seller.
      • All marketing material created by the Company will be contingent for use upon approval by the Seller.
    • The Company may request a short interview with the Seller for the purposes of being featured within the Company blog.
      • The Company blog has a personal and friendly approach, for more information please visit
    • The Seller has read, understood, and agreed to the general Terms and Conditions of the Website.
    • The Seller shall answer reasonable questions to the Company in relation to their Products listed on the Website, as requested by Customers from time to time.
    • The Seller must inform the Company of any Products that are not fit for International Returns.
  4. Company’s Duties, Obligations & Responsibilities
    • The Company will act as an intermediary between the Seller and the Customer.
    • The Company shall provide the Seller with access to any and all information that may be reasonably required by the Seller in relation to the performance of their obligations.
  5. The Company will solely be communicating with the Customer at all times including:
    • Once an Order and Purchase is made,
    • Notifying the Seller immediately upon the completion of the sale of a Product,
    • Sending all relevant information, confirmations and details relating to Refunds, Exchanges, Cancellations, Delivery, Shipment, and Fulfilment,
    • Unless otherwise stipulated.
  6. Sellers Account & Dashboard
    • The Dashboard allows Sellers check the status of sales, revenue, commission, and more!
    • Access to the Dashboard
      • Upon successful registration, the Seller shall receive a unique ID, once you have your unique ID you will be able to register and create an Account.
    • For the creation of an Account, you must:
      • Accept the general Terms and Conditions of the Company and Website,
      • Inform us of the e-commerce platform that you are using in relation to our Website (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.),
      • Provide the information you require to send the Products to Customers, including at a minimum:
        • Client name and last name,
        • Address,
        • E-mail Address,
        • Product ID,
        • Product Quantity,
        • Product Price.
  1. Commissions and Payments
    • The Company shall credit the Seller Account the Net Revenue for each successful sale of a Product(s) including costs for Delivery, Shipping, and Fulfilment, and any other taxes that the Customer paid.
      • The Company will pay to the Seller through monthly invoices.
    • The Company’s Commission which will be charged automatically in the system.
      • The Company’s commission shall be 20% of the Net Revenue, excluding shipping costs.
  1. Delivery, Shipping & Fulfilment
    • The Seller is responsible for Delivery, Shipping, and Fulfilling of all Products bought by Customers via the Website.
    • The Company, via the Customer, will pay all costs for Delivery, Shipping, and Fulfilment.
    • The Seller shall abide by the estimated delivery times as provided by the Company.
    • Once an Order has been shipped, the Customer will be informed of the estimated delivery time and shipment tracking number where relevant, via either;
      • The Shipping Company,
      • The Company
        • As agreed between the Parties.
      • The Company offers the Seller two options regarding Shipping Costs:
        • Utilizing your Own Shipping Costs or,
        • Blending with Other Brands.
      • Own Shipping Costs: In the event, you wish to use your own Shipping Costs, you must notify the Company of all relevant details for confirmation.
        • Some of the brands have “Free Shipping” over an X amount of net sale, so we will respect that.
  1. Refund, Return & Exchange Policy
    • The Seller must abide by the Companies 14-day Refund, Return, and Exchange Policy, allowing Products to be returned within 14 days after a Customer receives the Product.
    • The Seller shall ensure sufficient provisions are available to the Customer to enable them to return Products for a Refund, Return or Exchange.
    • The Company will receive notification from the Customer in the event of a Refund, Return, or Exchange Request.
      • The Company will provide the Seller with the order number and list of Products and sizes they would like to Exchange, Return, and/or Refund.
    • The Customer will be instructed to send the relevant Products to the Seller
    • Upon receiving the returned Products, the Seller shall inspect the Products to determine if a Refund, Return, or Exchange is acceptable.
    • Returns and Exchanges are only eligible if the following criteria are met:
      • The Product has its original tags,
      • The Product unwashed and unworn,
      • Earrings customised Products or made to order Products are not returnable with the exception of being faulty.
    • Upon receiving the Products in question, the Seller has 48 hours to either approve or reject the Return and/or Exchange
    • In the event of an approved Refund, the Seller shall notify the Company within five days since.
    • The Seller should send the money for the purchase price for the Product(s), excluding any tax paid, less any discounts to the Company to refund the customer within seven days, via the Bank Details provided by the Company.
      • The Company will then Refund the Customer for the purchase price for the Product(s), excluding any tax paid, less any discounts.
    • In any event, relating to a Refund, Return of Exchange the Seller shall provide the Company with full detail and reasoning.
  2. Refund, Returns & Exchanges: Shipping Policy
    • The Customer pays for the charges of shipping a Product back to the Seller.
  3. Termination
    • Either party may terminate the Partnership Programme by sending Written Notice to the other party, effective upon being received.
  4. Notice
    • Any Notice given under these Terms shall be by or email.
      • All e-mail notices to the Company shall be sent to
      • All e-mail notices to the Seller shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Seller.
    • We will use the email you provided us with to communicate with you, and we ask you to check your email account frequently, at least weekly is recommended, for important communications
    • We cannot accept responsibility where you do not meet an important deadline or incur other disadvantages arising from not checking your email or mail.