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Welcome to our new section “Slow-Wine Time”, held on the last Friday of every month. Poo(nam) co-founder of Rasta Farmers* joins me, Sara-founder of Saatxa, to talk about different topics related to slow-living, “sustainable” fashion, slow-fashion, skincare… basically anything that we (and you) think is relevant. Apart, from the blog post, we’ll also get together and discuss these topics over a glass of wine on Instagram Live (we want to make this section a bit more spontaneous with no script).

We used to work together six years ago. Both of us shared our passion for fashion, we would talk about our “recent purchases” and the latest trends, but we also shared the love for good food and wine. Through our separate journeys, we started to learn more about the impact of fast-fashion, and the more we knew the more difficult it was to keep the same lifestyle, so we decided to make a change as consumers. A few years later, we would meet again, this time sharing our passion for ethical, eco-friendly and “slow” brands, and of course, the same love for good food and wine (there are things that we shouldn’t change!)

In our first catch-up, we’re focusing on Self-Care and Wellness. In such difficult times, it can be challenging to find time to take care of ourselves, but we want to encourage you to make the effort (it’s worth it!). That’s why we want to share with you a few tips/reminders that help us a lot:

  •  Eat healthy- now that we spend a lot of time at home you have the perfect excuse to start cooking or try new recipes. A few Instagram accounts you should check if you’re in search of inspiration are @rastafarmers, @deliciouslyella, @onlyfromearth, @eatmovementempower and @livegreenhealthy.
  •   Drink water- so easy to forget when we’re very busy.
  •   Move regularly: if you’re working from home like us, you’ll spend a lot of time sitting. Get into the routine of enjoying a walk at lunchtime (fresh air is underestimated), practising a bit Yoga or Pilates, and/or if you want to sweat a bit we recommend you a HIIT session or running!
o   For Yoga/Pilates, we suggest you take a look at @caropilates and @yogawithheather.
o   For HIIT, we love to join @zannavandijk and @talillahelenoz on their HIIT sessions.
  • Be mindful: stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath, do one thing at a time becoming more fully aware of the task and your response, last but not least, notice the moves you already make.
  •  Sleep Better: among the benefits of a good night sleep are; looking after your mental health, keeping your heart healthy, reducing the stress levels….and don’t forget that during sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases, rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure (call us sleepy beauties!)
  • Create Balance
  • Less screen time: how many hours a day do you spend in front of your laptop/phone or TV? We invite you to spend a few hours less in front of a screen by doing other activities like reading, cooking, baking, knitting and/or enjoying nature. For example, before going to sleep we like to put our phone down and read until we fall asleep.

If you missed our IG Live, feel free to check it out on our Instagrams @saatxa and @rastafarmers!

Slow-Wine Time is sponsored by The Drink Basket. Go to their website and check their selection of organic and vegan wines. We had the pleasure to enjoy a glass of their organic merlot cabernet sauvignon.