Sauipe: Slow-Swimwear for the modern women

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Sauipe is one of those brands that we’ve been following and supporting on Instagram for quite a while now. One day, we started to chat through DMs with Marcia, co-founder, as a result, Sauipe became part of Saatxa and we couldn't be more proud of it.

First of all, we asked about the exotic name of Sauipe and Marcia, who is from Brazil, explained to us that is a beach in the north-east of Brazil, it used to be an excluded, well-preserved, natural destination but of course the Government didn’t take care of it and Sauipe became too commercialized, still beautiful but with a landscape of hotels.

Marcia’s background is a bit different as she is specialized in computer programming and moved to the States, but her sister, Anne, owns a small fashion production company in Brazil working for other brands. One day, about twelve years ago, both sisters started to chat and decided to try to build their swimwear brand, as their skills complemented quite well, while Marcia was stronger in business management, Anne had the production know-how. Their beginning was a bit “by accident” as Marcia described, they did things backwards and went straight to a swimwear trade show in Miami without any idea how to buy a booth but they did it! In that event, they met someone from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and she took several swimsuits samples. Six months later, Marcia received a call from Sports Illustrated to let her know that Sauipe’s swimwear was going to be on the print and online editions. In the middle of this excitement, Marcia and Anne didn’t have a website, so Marcia created a page “under construction” and left a phone number and an email so they could take orders. And that’s how their dream began ( a non-conventional start but we love it)!

Preparing their first collection and with Anne’s knowledge, they agreed that 100 styles were too much, as they would be wasting material on sampling. Back at that time, this type of thinking didn’t have a name but it’s what we called now “slow-fashion”. Even under pressure, as they sell to different stores which frequently request new collections, Marcia and Anne are always loyal to their values, they just don’t want to waste resources and as Marcia said: “ We need to learn how to be more timeless”. As a result, fifty percent of their collection is permanent. They partnered with some of the best textile vendors from Brazil, which have implemented high technology and sustainable production practices that control the consumption of water and limits chemical residue on the environment. Also, Sauipe has focused on providing optimal working conditions and fair wages for its associates, always concerned about their impact on the environment, and the quality of life of their employees.

As usual, we ended our chat talking about the current landscape of fashion, which is a very interesting conversation to have with Marcia as she has spent years promoting slow-fashion practices while it was not even a thing or a trend. “ Nowadays, everyone wants to jump into the wagon of sustainability, they want their piece of cake, but I think the customer changed a lot, they are more educated so they are aware when they’re targeted with misinformation”. Marcia also mentioned a big movement that started in the USA, Black Live Matters, and how amazing it was to see customers speaking up their minds to big brands about social and cultural issues. “People are more demanding now, and I don’t think they’re going to forgive. I trust the people”.

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