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I am going to start this blog by talking about how Saatxa started, the journey of how it was born and how it has taken shape over the last few years.

Saatxa is not an idea that just came to me one day (if only things were that easy!), no, like most things in life it had been on my mind for a while. I love fashion, but it was not always like that. My passion for fashion started when I was at uni. I moved to a bigger city, and I began to discover the wonders of second-hand markets.

A few years later, I decided to spend a year in the States, trying to find myself or at least to discover what I wanted to do with my future (but let’s be honest my English was just terrible, so that was my main excuse). Some people would see it as a waste, as losing one year of my career, but I don’t agree with that and I will never regret it as I learnt so much.

I lived close to New York, and was drawn to the city every weekend. My friends and I spent most of the time discovering markets, my favourite was the one in Williamsburg on Sundays, full of independent designers selling unique pieces. I remember talking to some of them and loved listening  to their stories of how they got started. It was so inspiring. Of course, being young, and in New York we also spent a fair amount of time shopping in the big brand fashion stores. When the time came to return home, packing to go back to Spain, I found I had to throw out so many clothes which had only been worn a few times, because the poor quality meant I couldn’t give them to charity (I will not name the brands!), but, I kept all the pieces that I bought from the second-hand markets and those independent designers because of their superior quality and sentimental value.

My passion for those markets/designers kept growing over the years, not only offline, but online too— mostly searching through Instagram for new brands. And, that’s how my idea for Saatxa was born. Giving an additional voice and platform to those brands, to share their vision and their products (which I hope you will fall in love with).

On top of that, recently in 2020, I’ve had more time to think,to take a breath and focus on what I am passionate about. I have learnt a lot about the impact of fashion, not only on the environment but as well, on the cultures around the world. That is when finally, I decided to take the risk and create an online marketplace supporting fashion brands with a purpose, ans who share the following values: slow-fashion, ethical and eco-friendly.

I hope you all enjoy Saatxa, discover your new favourite designers, learn about their amazing stories through our blog and support them by wearing their items.