Our New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution | Saatxa

It’s that time of the year where we need to analyze what we’ve achieved and what will be our goals for the new year.
If you’re still thinking about your new years resolutions, we’ve put a few ideas together to get you inspired:

Wear your values more; or in other words “Buy less, buy better”- of course, this is our number one resolution for anyone that would like to be on board! This last year we’ve been loving the support and the launch of brands that are trying to take care of our planet and the people behind them.
You can always start small, do a little research of the brands you’ve had an eye on, look what values they support and if you love what you see then buy that piece. For example, instead of buying three different items from a fast-fashion brand purchase one from a brand that cares.

Be a little more green- small steps make a big impact. Let’s keep making changes in our everyday life to reduce our use of plastic that takes hundreds of years to disappear, buy your reusable water bottle/coffee cup, take your re-usable bags when you go grocery shopping... A big thing we would love to see in 2021 is for big supermarkets to use less plastic in the veggie/fruit section.
Reduce waste, there are a few companies that buy vegetables or fruits that supermarkets don’t want for the simple reason that they are not perfect, in the UK, for example, we love what ODDBOX is doing to reduce that waste.

Love yourself- after 2020 this is something we all need to keep doing, make time for yourself doing something that you love, take care of yourself, treat yourself as you well-deserve.

Learn something new- break the routine doing something you’ve never done before, it’s the best way to stimulate your brain! Start painting, playing an instrument, plant something, cook new recipes, learn a new language….
Research has shown that hand activity from knitting to planting vegetables are useful for decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, and modifying depression.

Most of the time it’s not easy to keep new years resolution, so our tip is to start by making the changes you feel more comfortable with, this way you won’t get tired. It feels so good when we achieve those resolutions.