Reve de Rive: Swimwear made in Geneva

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With summer around the corner, we’re excited to introduce you to our new swimwear brand: Reve de Rive. Lauren, the founder, joined us for a chat to tell us more about the story and values behind this beautiful brand.

Lauren started by explaining to us that designing and creating swimwear was something she’d wanted to do since her 20s. It was not until later, when she spent her holidays in Saint Tropez, that she realised how uncomfortable and loose-fitting every swimwear piece that she owned was. So, when she started to design and create her own swimwear pieces Lauren had two main priorities – number one, to make sure it was fitted, and number two, for each piece to be sustainably made -  aligned with her values.

“I want to make sure we have an ocean to swim in”~ Lauren

Reve de Rive is inspired by those Saint Tropez trips, where beachwear is not only for swimming but also for the clubs. Their style is flashy, fun and luxurious.

We asked Lauren to give us more detail of the process to find a manufacturer, and she described the whole procedure as “complicated”. She only tried one supplier for sampling, but she became fed up quite quickly due to the excessive prices. It was then, that she decided to open her atelier to produce all the samples and her swimwear collection. This has allowed her to keep her small company until now, as Lauren has control over the fabric, production and distribution. Also, they were able to re-use all the deadstock on other swimwear pieces or just re-selling it minimizing fabric waste. However, as Reve de Rive grew and they were only four in the atelier, Lauren decided to outsource part of the work to two companies that share her ethos; one in Europe who build the tech-packs and delivers to Europe, and the other one in Indonesia which delivers in Asia as they are quite successful in the middle-East, this way they are reducing the carbon footprint. Partnering with these small factories, which care about craftmanship, is Lauren’s way of supporting others dreams and small businesses.

In terms of fabrics, Reve de Rive works with a company that cleans the European oceans from plastic, remaking that plastic into swimwear fabric. Also, she partnered with a few companies in Brazil that produce their fabrics per order. Nevertheless, Lauren’s big passion is to someday create her swimwear fabric.

To end our chat, we discussed the topic of greenwashing. Lauren took a big breath and began telling us that greenwashing or sustainability is not only about the fabrics but also about the quantities. “ If you are stocking 2,000 pieces, as all fast-fashion companies do, but you’re not selling them, then to me that’s greenwashing”. Traceability is also a big factor that we should consider, as we need to know where everything is coming from. “I believe all these companies are going to get caught at some point, not only big companies but the medium ones too”.

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