Re_considered : Rewear, Reuse and Reduce your waste

Reconsidered  | Blog Post | Saatxa

Tabby is the founder of Re_considered, our latest upcycling brand that reworks second-hand items from clothes to duvet covers supporting slow-fashion and bringing circularity into everyone’s wardrobe. They also offer what they call an “Upcycling Service”, which basically means to give new life to those items of your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore (we’ll have an exclusive post about how this works in the upcoming weeks).

In our chat, Tabby explained how she has always been interested in clothes, but not the fashion industry, as she found it to be too much of an exclusive and elite world. Since 16, Tabby had the dream to start her own clothing label but pursuing a career in fashion didn’t take shape so she ended up (like most of us) shopping. As she explained, “at the time, my friends would comment how I didn’t wear the same outfit twice, and the worst part was that I felt proud”.

Last year, unintentionally she made a shift in her shopping behaviour, as she started to sew her own clothes. During the Covid-19 pandemic she couldn’t go to buy and feel the fabrics, Tabby decided to rescue some of her grandma’s old duvets, table cloths and similar textiles with fun patterns. When she posted her designs on Instagram, she realized that what she was doing was called “upcycling”  and that’s how Tabby started her journey of discovering the slow-fashion world, the fashion revolution. Suddenly, she realized how wrong she was all these years.

Re_considered’s main mission is to show the people that you don’t always need to look for more, how buying something new or exciting every day doesn’t fulfil us. You can express yourself with what you have already in your wardrobe. In other words, to help others to reduce consumption, and promote circularity.

We ended our chat talking about fast-fashion brands, and what happens when they promote their “sustainable collection”. “I think the fact of “sustainability” becoming a popular thing is a double edged sword; yes more people are understanding the situation but also it is an opportunity for brands to pretend to be something that they are not. It is quite shocking to see how many brands are false, and how blind we are because they are doing one right thing”. Tabby finished by mentioning how frustrating this situation is for small businesses which are trying to make the whole process right.

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