Mabe&A: Jewellery created from memories

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This week, we’re glad to introduce you to Mabe&A, creating jewellery that is designed to connect with you. Its founder, Amber, joined us for a chat to tell us more about her beautiful brand.

“Mabe” is a type of pearl, this is in honour of Amber’s father who passed away, as he used to bring her pearls from his travels. The letter “A” is from her fiancé (and for herself as both names start with the same letter).

Mabe&A is another business born out of Covid-19, as Amber was made redundant and decided to follow her long-term dream. She had been in fashion her whole life, being in the jewellery industry for about ten years and a buyer for the last couple. Amber talked passionately about her love for jewellery and accessories and how that was what she always wanted to do.

Amber designs all her pieces herself, she starts with a mood board, a colour, an experience or an inspirational image, then hand-sketches them into jewellery forms. Thanks to her previous experience, she’s been able to partner with suppliers she’s worked with previously. Half of her jewellery is made in the factories of these suppliers, and Amber assembles the other half herself. Her goal for the upcoming collections is to have most of the pieces handmade by her.

The idea around her designs is classic but with a modern twist. Thanks to her unique, effortless and layerable styles, Mabe&A pieces are perfect for every occasion.

Sustainability is a huge part of her brand, when looking for partners Amber handpicked them, making sure they’re a responsible source supplier, among other requisites, they must have ethical pay and fair work conditions. They are based in India and they have been awarded by a leading industry sustainability accreditation. Another of Amber’s worries, is the jewellery waste, as many factories don’t recycle. That’s why, for her new collections, she is trying to introduce recyclable silver into her pieces. To avoid waste Mabe&A only works on small batches. That’s her way to make sure she is offering pieces made responsibly. Then, all the packaging is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Another big value of Mabe&A is “kindness”, not only to the planet but as well to the people behind the brand.

As is the tradition in all of our interviews, we ended talking about current issues, in this case greenwashing. Amber thinks that for a lot of the brands, that have multiple products available, it’s going to be very difficult to change their behaviour so they decided to spend more time and money creating misleading claims about their “sustainable” actions. Nevertheless, she hopes that more people talking about these issues will have an impact on these big companies. Amber mentioned too, the shocking matter of food packaging, how the supermarkets keep using all that plastic. In her personal life (and for her suppliers), she’s fighting to reduce the plastic they use, a long term project but we need to start making changes at some point, right?

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