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Lamixtura is our newest skincare brand, founded by friends Silvia and Amaia. We spoke with Amaia to learn more about their products, which support natural beauty.

 Amaia began by telling us how the idea of ​​Lamixtura came to be. Silvia and Amaia are scientists and they used to work together in R&D for the cosmetics sector. A big part of the job being to keep updated on the latest ingredients and technology in use. They came to realise how natural ingredients were becoming more and more effective and had more sustainable origins. After a few years in the industry they began to play around with the idea of formulating a 100% natural cosmetic. Their goal, to create a conscious cosmetic line, based on sustainability.

 Silvia and Amaia are in charge of the development process and formulation of the products, and thanks to their previous experience they had the contacts for the production and packaging. To measure the effectiveness of their products, they began designing and conducting bespoke efficacy studies in collaboration with a technology centre and dermatology centres. Normally, these studies have standards, but they decided to go further with in-vitro and skin efficacy study tests.

 From their attention to detail in the origin of the products and sophisticated formulas, they got as a result beautiful ingredients such as "acacia peptides or organic fig extract" among others. Thanks to this complex process, when applying any of Lamixtura products the feeling in your skin is very good. All their products are 100% natural and certified by bio.inspecta.

 Their manufacturers are in Spain, but some of the ingredients have to come from other countries. Lamixtura’s eco-friendly containers are made in the Netherlands and are crystal violet that gives extra protection to the formula.

 As in all of our interviews, we ended by talking about the current situation. Amaia was amused by the mention of the fast-beauty concept saying "we couldn't be more opposite!" "For us the development of a formula, carefully choosing the ingredients and then having to pass the necessary inspections, takes time ...we don’t take shortcuts". Amaia ended by adding that when you buy a cream for 10 Euros the active concentrations are lower, and in the long-term, that will make consumers ask more questions before buying. "We believe that the number of people committed to the slow-movement is growing year on year”.

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