Glase : A romantic eco-friendly fashion brand

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Our newest addition to Saatxa is Glase, a French eco-friendly fashion brand. Morgane ,founder, answered our question to know more a bit more about this beautiful and romantic brand.

1.Tell us more about your background ( how/why did you end up building your brand).

When I had the opportunity to create my brand, it was obvious for me to use existing fabrics to start offering my first pieces. 

After several internships in Parisian fashion houses and designer workshops, I saw the accumulation of unused textiles. So, upcycling was the ideal and natural manufacturing technique for me.

I already made for myself tops with old clothes of my mother from the 70s / 80s and when a garment no longer pleased me I tried to modify it with a little sewing, a dyeing or an embellishment with pearls. 

Glase is inspired by my mother's trips around the globe as she always shared her experiences with me.

2. Vision/Mission of the brand.

Through Glase I want to boost French eco-responsible fashion.

For a long time ethical fashion was very restricted; in product offering, choice of materials, design and brand experience, which were not targeted for fast fashion consumers. The fast fashion industry responded perfectly to a request; the colours, materials and cuts were closer to what people want but unfortunately with a catastrophic environmental impact.

Therefore Glase is a compromise between awareness of an industry in crisis, the pleasure of affording beautiful pieces from a brand with a responsible ideology.

3.Explain to us more about your supply chain/manufacturers/artisans.

All the products are made by myself in Seine-et Marne (France), in the workshop at my house. 

The fabrics come from donations, finds and collections from sewing workshops in the field of clothing and interior decoration. The origin of the materials is 90% French and Spanish, to avoid an excessive carbon impact.

4. Your opinion about where do you think the fashion/ industry is heading?

I believe that if the information that reaches the consumers is clear and truthful, and if we provide alternative products, then they will change its behaviour.

When I started Glase, 3 years ago I did not know the word “upcycling”, now it has become a real proposition against fast fashion, the movement is literally underway, especially among the young generation who are feels fully concerned and rightly so.

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