CuckooB : The nomad brand where items are selected nectars

CuckooB : The nomad brand where items are selected nectars
Personally, I love how CuckooB started as a brand, two friends Yle and Jesu, who lived in several places, travelled a lot and after each trip, they would meet to show each other the items they discovered along the way (Yle calls them “tesoritos” which translates as “little treasures”). One afternoon, when they were sharing these “tesoritos”, it was when CuckooB took shape. The name is coming from Cuckoo Bee, a type of nomad bee that feeds only from the best nectars, which she finds travelling from flower to flower.

Each of CuckooB’s items (handbags, jewellery and headwear accessorises) are selected nectars handcrafted by skilled artisans from different corners of the world, inspired by their history, culture and traditions.

Their main mission is to re-create those traditional items for the women of today, where each piece has a unique value. Yle and Jesu are in charge of the designs, and then each one of their pieces is 100% handcrafted using the traditional techniques of their artisans, who are part of different communities around the globe. As a result, apart from having a final and unique product, they support the artisans and the techniques that have been with them for generations. Yle mentioned, how this is the “true” luxury, having an item that someone spent days creating, each with its own personal story behind it – I have to agree Yle, this should be the “new luxury”.

We talked about the challenge of working with different communities (Spain, Kenya, Colombia, India…), which made their logistic a nightmare at the beginning. Now, Yle tells me how they’ve all learnt to work together, respecting the different cultures and what to expect in terms of timings.  That is the truly “slow-fashion”, and Yle keeps mentioning how all this process is the real beauty of making CuckooB.

Yle shares with me her views on the fashion world, saying that it needs to change. She focuses on how big fashion brands have multiple collections, where most of their products don’t find a “buyer” and end up dragging around different websites/sellers until they go to the landfill. Yle believes that people will start making more conscious shopping choices. She mentions how her mum used to tell her “ buy less and better, is better than buying more and worse”, and Yle’s mum couldn’t be more right, but as Yle says this comes to each one of us at a different point in life. Anyway, she believes that there is a clear positive trend, where people are not only focusing on the product, but also on what is happening behind the creation of that product.

I will end this post with one of Yle’s sentences, which makes me feel very positive: “I believe we are going towards a world that is more conscious, responsible, emotional and less impulsive. Where all the brands will make bigger efforts to be transparent and their designs wil be less seasonal”.