Clo Stories: Made and designed in Barcelona.

CloStories| Blog post| Saatxa

Clo Storie's founder Ariadna, shared with us more information about her beautiful brand and her journey to make it possible.

1.Tell us more about your background ( how/why did you end up building your brand). 

After eleven years in the fashion industry, I decided to create a local and sustainable business. I wanted to know where the products are made, deal with the suppliers and make improvements across all stages of the process. For this reason, the entire collection is designed and made in Barcelona, and the fabrics are from Spain, Italy, France and Belgium.

2. Vision/Mission of the brand.

Many challenges, the main one was when a workshop copied my garment's design and sold it to a bigger brand.

This situation frustrated me as you can see how small companies have been closing down. I have had to start from zero many times to look for new suppliers. Fortunately, the desire of building my own brand never diminishes, and something that helped me a lot through those times was always to be very positive and have a lot of patience (still does).

3.Explain to us more about your supply chain/manufacturers/artisans.

I began to design in my Barcelona's studio with sustainable fabrics from Barcelona, ​​France, Italy and Belgium also we work very close to reduce the CO2. Then, I work hand in hand with a pattern maker and cutter, and then we have some women who sew on their houses or carvings, it is a very small chain. It is difficult to find workshops or people who want to work in small companies, they always prefer medium or larger ones.

Our goal is to work in a sustainable and transparent way. All our clients can request to see our certificates or to ask anything they need to know.

4. Your opinion about where do you think the fashion/ industry is heading?

Year on year we're increasing our sales, and I believe it is because we are becoming more conscious about sustainability and care more about the whole production process.


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