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ANIZ was created by Alex and Elena, a couple with a lot of positive energy. They met four years ago when they were working for a fashion supplier, where some of their clients were big brands. Alex and Elena started to talk more about building their brand, which would be 100% made in Spain, and would take care of both the planet and the people behind the brand. Finally, the idea of ANIZ came to reality back in 2018.

When working for this supplier, they realised how everyday, tonnes of fabric was thrown away, and what’s worse, it was all in perfect condition. Seeing this happening, they decided to collect all these “unwanted” fabrics to design their collections, their main vision was to upcycle these resources to help to minimize the amount of material that ends up as landfill. The first time I talked to them, they told me how they started to visit different bridal houses - Spain is one of the biggest bridal’s suppliers worldwide - asking for that “waste”, then later they would design these amazing shirts with fabrics that were going to be used to create bridal dresses.

While we were having this chat about upcycling, I asked them how they design their pieces, as it can not be easy with all those different fabrics. Elena explained to me that she is a designer, with a few years of experience, and once she sees and feels the fabrics, she is able to create designs that will make you fall in love.

Another point that they are very passionate about is their suppliers, how their main goal is to make sure they have fair wages and work conditions. They talk about the importance of promoting local workers in the textile industry, which a few years ago was quite big in Spain. In the current difficult times, they are trying to support their suppliers even more.

Talking about the future of fashion, Alex explains how he prefers buying a couple of very good quality shirts over buying lots of lower quality items, or in his words “the saving for your pocket and our planet is buying items that you know are going to last longer”. Elena supports these comments, saying how people are changing their behaviour when shopping, having more questions about who is making their clothes and what is the impact on the environment. She keeps explaining; “the price gap is not that big between fast fashion and more sustainable brands, so when putting these into a balance you will support those brands that make you feel better”.

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