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This 8th of June is World Ocean Day, so we thought we’d put some stats together to show how great it is:

  • The ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface
  • The ocean produces 50% of the world’s oxygen and absorbs about 30% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere
  • Coral reefs create homes for up to 9 million species
  • The majority of life on Earth is aquatic

As ocean lovers, it really hurts us to see how our engine of life is under threat. In case you didn’t know:

  • Plastics are the most common element found in the ocean today. Plastic, in particular, is harmful to the environment as it does not break down easily and is often mistaken as food by marine animals. If we continue this way by 2050 there will be more plastic than marine life in our oceans.
  • 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made up of fishing nets: remember the whole drama about plastic straws? Well, if Seaspiricy has shown us anything it’s the impact of industrial fishing in our oceans.
  • The ocean is the biggest carbon sink on the planet: 93% of all carbon is stored in the ocean.
  • The equivalent of a garbage truckload of plastic is dumped in the sea every minute. This has resulted in there being over 150 million tons of plastic already floating in the sea.

Meanwhile, we need to be aware of our impact on the environment, there are companies working on alternatives so we can respect and enjoy our oceans. With summer approaching we can see how most of us may be on the hunt for a swimwear piece, and what if we tell you that you can buy a beautiful bikini made from ocean garbage?

What is Econyl Fabric? It is recycled nylon, made from waste like fishing nets or plastic bottles. ECONYL fibre is a yarn created by Aquafil. This regenerated nylon can unleash endless possibilities for businesses and consumers to create items, without using new resources.

Econyl has the same performance as nylon, which means that it’s a strong durable fibre, so companies usually use this eco-friendly fabric mostly for swimwear and activewear.

Aside from Econyl there are other fabrics made from recycled materials. A few of our brands that use these fabrics in their designs are:

  • Lilja The Label: An ethical Finnish swimwear and activewear brand. Their goal is to create high-quality swimwear and activewear ethically, and respecting the environment. Most of the fabric they use is recycled polyamide collected from oceans (Econyl). The manufacturer of the Repreve fabric that Lilja The Label uses is called Unifi- the company rescues plastic bottles from ending up in landfill, and instead processes them into a high-quality recycled fabric that has the same, if not even better, qualities than a virgin fabric. Their program has already recycled more than 25 billion plastic bottles altogether!

    Lilja The Label

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  • Perky Peach: an activewear brand that makes your training more fun thanks to its looks. They use recycled polyester using plastics and bamboo. This fabric (Rpet) consumes less energy than producing virgin polyester and keeps bottles and other plastics out of the landfill sites.

    Perky Peach
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  • Reve de Rive: a luxury swimwear brand that has the mission of cleaning the European oceans, remaking the ocean plastic into swimwear fabric - Like Lilja The Label, they use recycled polyester.

    Reve de Rive
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  • Save The Wave: our latest swimwear and activear addition. They are another brand fighting to protect our oceans. Save The Wave works with ECONYL®, the high quality 100% regenerated nylon yarn, produced from waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic. Reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with the material from oil and has proven to last 2 times longer than other plastics.

    Save The Wave
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This summer dive into the ocean in recyclable swimwear- be part of the solution.

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