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This year, the majority of us have spent most of our time stuck at home with our family, flatmates or partners, almost 24/7. This situation makes it quite challenging to find time for yourself, but something we’ve learnt from all of this, is that you need to find that moment of self-care.

We thought we would share with you a few tips on how to take care of yourself or treat yourself, that have helped us to get through this and stay positive:

  • Do exercise- though it is difficult to start a routine, once you get into it you’ll love it! There are a lot of apps or YouTube videos that will help you, I like to combine HIIT with Yoga. Also, you need your dose of fresh air, I enjoy running quite a lot and it helps me to ease my mind when I am stressed. But, any outdoor activity is good, go for a walk, ride a bike (time in nature is a must!).
  • Reduce your screen time- for some of us the first and last thing we do in the day is looking at our screens. Some studies show how we should avoid this habit as it has an impact on our sleep. Saying this, it is not easy and we are still working on it, but we would like to share a few alternatives to our screens:
    • Read a book (or a magazine)- have a book on your bedside table. The book that had the biggest impact on us this year is “Three Women” by Lisa Tadeo.
    • Listen to a podcast- we couldn’t pick a favourite here, you can pick your chosen genre, from interviews to real stories. Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn about different topics.
    • Put a plant in your life!- Taking care of them is not easy but once you master this it is very satisfying. Or, you can start growing your own herbs which is very convenient for cooking.
    • Learn something new- now that it is winter knitting sounds like a cool hobby to have, don’t be afraid to get creative!
    • Cook or bake- we are foodies and we like cooking. It is always a good time to learn and to try new recipes (add a glass of wine to make it more fun!).
  • Relax- have a bath, light a candle and lock the door (put a big sign of do not disturb). After that, you are a new person. To help you we decided to create our own playlist on Spotifiy called " Treat Yourself by Saatxa". Hope you enjoy it!
  • Gift yourself- why wait for your birthday or Christmas? Buy that piece that you have been obsessing over for weeks, and if it is from a small shop or independent designer, even better! Let’s support small businesses.

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”― Sean Patrick Flanery