Siberian: Natural ingredients for healthy hair

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We’re very glad to introduce you to our new haircare brand, Siberian, who are inaugurating this category in Saatxa.  Marina is the founder of this beautiful brand and told us more about her journey and how Siberian was born.

Though Siberian is another brand born out of Covid, it all started when Marina was at uni, during the stressful exam period her hair began to fall out, her mum suggested she use the traditional family hair mask recipe where the main ingredient was burdock oil and it helped her a lot, as her hair began to grow stronger. But, it was not until a few years later that Marina decided to create her brand, after she had Coronavirus in early March of 2020 her hair was thinning and falling out, and it was quite scary for her every time she brushed it. That’s when, once again, her mum (who lives in Siberia hence the name of the brand) reminded her to go back to the family hair mask routine. Marina started to see how the mask helped her hair again to recover it’s length and volume, and that’s how she decided to start the journey of Siberian.

Like every brand, Marina spent a few months of testing and learning the recipe in her kitchen, realising that she needed to partner with a manufacturer as the final result was not what she wanted to put in front of potential customers. In her search, she was very clear that her future partner should share the same values to produce a clean product that Marina would be happy to put on her scalp and hair. After meeting with different companies that proposed her to use different chemicals to create a nicer texture, she found a Russian speaker manufacturer in Latvia that was able to work with natural ingredients.  They are a professional laboratory in Latvia, that produce for other companies, and as Marina couldn’t fly there to check the installations she contacted other customers and asked them for feedback, making sure they worked under fair conditions too.

Siberian uses natural ingredients, such as burdock root extract (which is a traditional ingredient in Eastern Europe for hair growth), nettle extract, grapeseed oil, castor oil, sacha inchi seed oil, chia seed oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, wheat germ oil. All these ingredients have proven their beneficial qualities for hair health over centuries. Also, Siberian’s product has a bit of perfume that gives them a cosy scent, Marina explained to us that this option was better than essential oils, as sometimes they can produce irritation in the scalp.

Siberian’s product is suitable for all hair types and easy to wash. Marina suggested using it once a week.

At the end of this interview, Marina gave us her opinion about the fast-beauty industry:  “I think that the consumers are more educated about harmful ingredients and this is impacting on their decisions when purchasing products”. Also, since Covid the levels of anxiety have risen through the roof, and people are more aware of how important is to have these “self-care” rituals involving natural ingredients. Siberian has its own “ritual box” with the hair mask, shower cap and hair turban, ideal for our Sunday self-care routine.

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