Roze Mountain: Anti-pollution Skincare Brand

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Roze Mountain is our latest addition to the Slow-beauty category. Co-founder, Morgane, told us a bit more about this fantastic skincare brand over a video call.

It all started with food, when Morgane went to uni she started to cook more with ingredients inspired by her mum’s cooking and her Moroccan roots. Then, she began reading and searching about the spices she was using and discovered the number of health benefits they had. At some point, Morgane decided to apply her knowledge of these spices to her cosmetic formulation studies.

During her period living in the UK, Morgane started to create healing balms and selling them in street markets and fairs. You’ll find that her first range of products are focusing on dehydrating problems, as her skin and hair became very dry (probably) due to the water in London and her skin stayed that way even after her return to Belgium. It’s actually her brother who suggested she start her own brand. And so she did. Roze Mountain was born as a family project where everyone pitched in to help and support and so it felt important to convey this sense of family through her brand’s name which is her family’s name translated into English, keeping the ‘z’ of her family name in Roze (instead of Rose).

Roze Mountain formulates and manufactures its products in its laboratories. Also, they produce products for other start-up brands. Their ingredients are from North-Africa and the Middle East, as both founders found inspiration in their origins. They travelled a lot to those regions which allowed them to meet with direct suppliers and intermediaries. When choosing partners, Morgane and her associate wanted to be confident about their credibility. Also, they outsourced the testing of their products to a lab partner for extra security.

In terms of their values, Roze Mountain believes in being ethical, partnering with suppliers that work under fair work conditions, being environmentally friendly, trying to reduce their CO2 footprint and producing in small/medium batches to preserve the freshness and efficacy of each product.

Their goal is to offer an ethical and eco-friendly skincare solution to people who have a fast-paced routine. In other words, time-saving skincare thanks to their compacted line with versatile, concentrated and super efficient products to make your life easier and rediscover new, quicker and better ways to take care of yourself. That’s what they call: low consumption beauty.

We ended our chat talking about fast-beauty, Morgane believes that the mainstream customer is changing their behaviour, paying more attention to information like ingredients used in the products they buy or whether they were ethically made. “Customers are starting to ask more questions, so the more we (brands) communicate about this, the more we’re going to keep pushing this mindset on fast-consumers”.

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