Re_considered: Re-wear your wardrobe

Rewear your wardrobe| Blog post| Saatxa

When we first heard of Re_considered we loved the idea behind their “upcycling services”, a creative way to re-wear your wardrobe when you get tired of your clothes.

Sara, our founder, and Tabby, Re_considered founder, decided that the best way to start this beautiful partnership will be for Sara to use their Reconsidered services.

In which consists? Any clothes that you don’t wear anymore you’ve sent them to Reconsidered, they’ll upcycle for you the items and sending it back as a new piece! You can choose between different categories:

  • Category A (Large Material): transform your duvet/pillow cases into a crop top, dress…whatever you want! From £30
  • Category B (Reworks): covert that summer dress that you stopped wearing into a crop top and a skirt. From £20
  • Category C (Alterations). From £5
  • Category D (Accessories). Alter your T-shirt into a headband, facemask or whatever you have in mind! From £5

If you’re thinking to use this service, go to Re_considered and fill the form online. Tell them you’re coming from Saatxa, and get 5% Off!

In our experience, we definitely suggest using this service! Sara had a long summer dress that she was not wearing anymore and decided that she wanted to transform it into a crop top and a midi skirt.

The first step was to send to Tabby and her team the design of the desired result.


Rewear your wardrobe| Blog Post| Saatxa

Once the upcycling team confirmed that it was possible to do, Sara sent them the dress and within 14 days this was the result:


Rewear your wardrobe | Blog post| Saatxa

Now, instead of a long summer dress that she rarely wore Sara has two pieces that she can combine with different items.

If you are interested, go to Re_considered filled their form and use the code “Saatxa21” for 5% Off on your first upcycling project.