Perky Peach: Your Fun Eco-friendly Activewear.

Perky Peach | Meet our Brands| Saatxa

Perky Peach, is our second activewear brand. To learn more we spoke to operations manager Amy, who explained to us how she has always had a huge interest in fashion, and how she became more aware of the ethical problems in fashion when she attended CondeNast College Fashion.

Perky Peach started one day at work, she works for a swimwear brand, when the founder asked her to create an activewear line. Amy suggested doing it in a different way: using eco-friendly fabrics, making sure it’s ethically-made, but at the same time with a fashionable/stylish design and affordable. If you take a look at their designs, you’ll see how they use a lot of prints to make it more fun! All their prints are sublimation printed. This method uses less water and electricity than any other printing method as it does not require any pre or post washing, no dye gets into the water system which happens with many other dyeing processes.

In terms of their packaging, all orders are sent out in compostable mailer bags or recyclable cardboard boxes. Their tissue paper is reusable and recyclable.

Amy then talked about the challenges of finding a manufacturer, they spent a lot of time trying to find the right one that would share with them a lot of information about their work and methodology. Finally, they found one, with all the certificates, and they even had the chance to talk with the factory workers, making sure (as much as possible) that everyone is working under fair conditions. This manufacturer is located in China, Amy explained how they searched for factories in the UK, but the price point was sky-high with a high-minimum order which is quite challenging for them at this moment. Anyhow, their long-term goal, is to work with a UK manufacturer.

We started to talk about recent news, how big fast-fashion companies are getting enormous. Amy mentioned that it is sad, as the high street was disappearing before Covid-19, but now that everything is happening online it may be destroyed altogether. Amy mentioned, how she would love for people to learn more about what they’re purchasing, and make slow-fashion the new trend. “People are becoming more aware of the impact of fashion, but on the other side you have more who don’t, you just need to see how many influencers share a different outfit per day, who has that many outfits?”.

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