Our tips for being a more conscious consumer

Our tips for being a more conscious consumer

We live in a society ruled by our possessions, where we think we need more to be happy. But is this real, or are we living in a world governed by what our Instagram is showing?

2020 has been the year of change, a year where we’ve all had a lot of time to think and acknowledge the consequences of our actions. As individuals, we all want to make the right choices in our lives, but so often we can feel frustrated and believe that our actions are not enough and have no impact. At Saaxta we know that feeling, but we want to remind you that each one of our “individual actions” is much needed because each small step we take is a big one for the environment and for all of us.

Probably you’ve heard the phrases “Ethical Consumerism” or “Conscious Consumerism”, but in case you don’t know what we are talking about (or need a reminder):

“Conscious consumerism-is the term that describes the individual steps to reduce your carbon footprint.”

“Ethical consumerism - is a type of consumer activism based on the concept of dollar voting. It is practised through the buying of ethically-made products that support small scale manufacturers and local artisans, protect animals and the environment, and boycott products that exploit children as workers, are tested on animals, or damage the environment.”

We want to share a few “suggestions” with you, that help us to take our small steps:

  • Learn more about the brand you are purchasing from
    Nowadays, there is a lot of “greenwashing”, companies are aware of the value of the word “organic”, “sustainable” or “ethically-made”, and as a result, they use them in their marketing campaigns, whether they are or not.
    Any brand who describes itself with these or similar words should be transparent, which means you should find all the information on their website. If this is not the case, don’t be afraid to ask questions! If a brand doesn’t reply or it doesn’t have a clear response, then you have your answer.

  • Buy Less, Buy Better
    Instead of buying 3 items from a fast-fashion brand buy 1 from your favourite brand, purchase that item that you’ve been obsessing over, that piece that looks good and feels better because it has been ethically made and not damaging the planet.
    Plus, when you buy from a brand that believes in slow-fashion, you’re guaranteed to be getting a unique piece as they have a small-scale production, how cool is that!
  • Shop pre-loved items
    The best option if you’re on a budget. Nowadays, it’s very easy to find a wider curated range of pre-loved items online, apart from Depop or Vinted there are a lot of Instagram Accounts dedicated to selling these pieces, like @remotelytold @theantikstore @grandmas_attic_ @themodernstyle.

 Take steps that you’re comfortable with, no matter how smaller they are. What’s important is for you to not feel frustrated, be proud because you ‘re doing the right thing. And remember “small changes can make a big difference”.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi