Haoma : Skincare and bodycare made from pure plant ingredients.

Haoma : Skincare and bodycare made from pure plant ingredients.

Enis, is the founder of Haoma, our new bodycare and skincare brand. His positive energy fills the room, it makes you smile. In case you didn’t know, “Haoma” is a divine plant in Persian mythology that gives you health and immortality.

Enis created his own brand seven years ago, it all started when he got diagnosed with hyperhidrosis ( a common condition in which a person sweats excessively), the doctors prescribed him deodorants that were very high in chemicals, and he realised how his body was reacting differently. Enis then started to take a closer look at the ingredients of anything that was going on to his body and he realised he couldn’t even pronounce most of them, let alone understand what they were. This is how he created the idea of developing a product made with natural, pure and really simple ingredients, so Enis started formulating his deodorant and other products. Slowly, over time, it became a brand and finally, last year Haoma was born.

Over the next 7 years, since Enis created his first deodorant, he developed Haoma around the following principles:

  • Eco-friendly packaging: to fight plastic consumption Enis uses violet coloured Miron glass, utilising the science of Biophotonics with selective UV filtration.
  • Pure and clean ingredients: avoiding anything that is heavily processed as this is very harmful to the environment (anything that is processed twice physically or once chemically won’t go into his products).
  • No emulsifiers and preservatives: Enis formulates in a way that Haoma products don’t require them.
  • All products are vegan and organic certified.
  • Handmade and small batched

One of his goals is to make more people aware of the importance to take care of their skin, “if you care about what you’re eating you should care about your skin, as it’s one of our biggest organs”. He mentioned a very good example, if you eat fast food three times a week you won’t notice any difference in the short-term, but what about in ten years? It’s the same for skincare, anything you’re putting on your skin will have repercussions in the long term.

Enis believes that people are more aware now to use healthier products, but something that worries him is “greenwashing”. There are two sides to this topic, sometimes brand new companies claim to be in the sustainable space, and other times you’ll get big brands buying smaller ones that are “sustainable”. Instead of educating people, these companies would rather choose the option of “greenwashing”. For example, the topic of Palm Oil, Palm is actually the most sustainable oil in terms of yield, other oils need to use seven times more farmland to produce the same amount of oil, which leads to lots of more deforestation (the UN have published a few articles on this). However, instead of explaining this to the customer, companies replace palm oil with other oils which use more water and require more land. “Instead of looking at the cause of the problem, they just want to make something trending, but in doing so they just create another problem”.

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