Gift Yourself

Gift Yourself

In our last post, we mentioned a few ideas about how to “Treat Yourself” and we ended by talking about how we all should gift ourselves once in a while. A few of our brands are spreading the joy ahead of Christmas by offering some discounts. Therefore, inspired by them, we have created a “Gift Ideas for Yourself” list, based on your personality and which of our brands you should take a look at!:

  • We’ve all missed being able to travel this year, some more than others. Are you the type of person that is already planning where to go next in 2021? If yes, while you wait we invite you to explore different cultures with our following ethical brands:


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  • Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been multiple articles relating to the effects of lockdowns, and the impact seen on the environment, but if you are one of us and believe there is still lots to do, we would like to introduce you to Elliott Footwear, our eco-warrior brand, fighting to reduce CO2 emissions against the big sneaker companies.
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  • If you believe in empowering women and LGBTQ communities, then you will fall in love with Bromelia Swimwear. This brand creates beautiful swimsuits that capture the essence of Brazil and blend it with the California style. They focus their work supporting these communities in South America.
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Gift Yourself | Collection | Saatxa

Gift Yourself with something that you love, that looks good and feels great. Something that feels good because it is ethically made, respects the environment and is unique because all our brands produce in small batches (slow-fashion).

Let’s be honest, you deserve a GOOD GIFT!

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