Five Dot Botanics: Minimalist plant based skincare

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In Saatxa we believe that you should “wear your values”, but what about applying them on your skin? In the last few years, thanks to the growing demand for beauty products, more beauty brands have been born and have started to adopt the “fast fashion” business model, hence why they are called “fast beauty”. We want to offer an alternative option, a “slow-skincare” option.

Our first skincare brand is called Five Dot Botanics, founded by Zaffrin and Brian. Zaffrin joined me in this conversation to tell us more about the brand and their skincare revolution.

Five Dot Botanics started as Zaffrin was slowing-down her lifestyle, and became more interested in nature (she actually became a beekeeper). She was very aware of what she was eating and realised how there is a lot of transparency in the food industry, which makes it easy to “eat clean”. This lead her to start questioning what she was putting on her skin and it felt very complicated to find the answer to that question, when it should’ve been simple.

As a brand, they decided to have a couple of principles: transparency (for people to understand what’s in their products) and inclusive beauty (products for everyone). After setting up these principles, they went to visit a cosmetic scientist to help them create their products using only botanical ingredients where the goal is to deliver healthier skin. They found a very successful cosmetic scientist who works for big brands with a background on herbology and plants, who shares and believes in Five Dot Botanics values and accepted to work with them.

They launched last year after a few years of development on products, using minimal ingredients to help the end customer understand what they are buying. Not only this, but using fewer elements has a positive impact on the planet too. Also, we should note that Five Dot Botanics is manufactured and developed in the United Kingdom. As Zaffrin mentioned, “this is what British beauty should look like”.

It’s worth mentioning how the beauty industry uses a lot of water, while Five Dots Bonatics are trying to reduce the amount of water they use. Plus, everything they make is biodegradable.

We ended up talking about the current situation, in particular about Black Friday and how a few fast fashion brands were offering up to 99% Off. Zaffrin mentioned how this is massively unethical, watching how garment workers are being treated by some fashion companies is shocking, but we, the customers, have the power to change this situation.

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