Epoch London : Encouraging small daily rituals

Epoch London : Encouraging small daily rituals

We’re so thrilled to announce our new section called “self-care”, for those quality “me” moments. The brand inaugurating our “self-care” section is Epoch London, a beautiful brand run by Lizzy – its founder- who believes that small daily rituals form life habits that have an impact on our sense of well-being. She joined us for a chat to explain to us more about Epoch London and its foundations.



Lizzy’s background is in psychology plus she always had an interest in well-being. Currently, she is also training to be an aromatherapist, to understand better what are the benefits that essential oils can have on your emotional balance, well-being and memories.



She and her partner started the business together, although Lizzy is the one who runs it, her partner and his heritage have a great influence on her work. The word “Epoch” means a period of time. The idea behind it’s that all the scents they use kind of link back to ancient scents and rituals, and how the use natural remedies to enhance our wellbeing has been with us for a long time. Lizzy mentioned how her partner’s Indian roots inspire and are through the scents stories and blends, giving to Epoch’s products that eastern approach and philosophy about well-being.



Going a bit more in-depth into the vision and mission, we’ve learnt that Epoch is all about being a natural brand, offering clean fragrances for your home so you’re not burning or using anything that has chemicals on it. Also, this brand promotes using botanicals essential oils for mood-enhancing benefits against synthetic fragrance essential oils which smell good but that’s it.



Lizzy is the one that manufactures the candles and she is trying to have a low environmental impact as possible so everything is handcrafted in small batches. She tries to use UK suppliers so the oils and jars and a 100% plant-based soy wax. In terms of collaborations, she likes to work with other artisans within the UK that share her approach, her most recent one is with a ceramist in South London.



As usual, we asked Lizzy about her thoughts on how a lot of fast brands are trying to get into the wave of “self-care products”. “ I think the big brands are mass-produced and factory-made so they have a cheaper price point, which is understandable how some people could be attracted towards these products, and more if you are on a budget. But I think the problem of buying mass-produced is that you’re compromising on quality, whilst the good thing about supporting more artisans brands is that there is so much care put into the product. Also, we need to consider what ingredients they’re using, for example, most of these big brands use paraffin wax in the candles which is a derivative of petroleum, which is not good for the environment or for you to breathe plus it has a shorter life than soy wax. ”In other words, when buying from small brands you’re not only investing in quality but also in your health and well-being.