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Coexist, is our new bodycare brand made in Spain. On this occasion we didn’t have the chance to have a chat with Isabel, co-founder, however, to help us understand what Coexist is really about she shared with us the following answers:

Tell us more about your background ( how/why did you end up building your brand).

After travelling around the world and seeing how the most beautiful and hidden places on our planet were full of plastic, I decided to do something. Putting my knowledge and skills to create something really good for the world. And so Coexist emerged.

Coexist was born from trying to give back to the world a little of what it gives us. It is our way of thanking it for that sunrise, that beach full of waves, that mountain and that little flower that makes our lives happier.

Also to help you take care of yourself without much paraphernalia. Only with highly effective and easy to pronounce ingredients that have always been with us.

Vision/Mission of the brand (maybe some challenges you had on your way).

Sustainability is one of Coexist's core values. For us, it was very important that both the ingredients we use in our formulas and the packaging of the products were sustainable. Everything is thought to disappear without leaving a trace.

 That’s why all our ingredients are natural and biodegradable. We do not use petroleum derivatives or animal products, neither as an ingredient nor as part of the packaging.

Our packagings are 100% biodegradable, compostable and / or recyclable. We use paper and cardboard from sustainable forests, water-based inks and vegan adhesives.

 All these decisions are very important for us because they make Coexist what it is, a brand with good values ​​and that does what it says. But it has also given us many challenges, especially when it comes to thinking about new products since the world of sustainable packaging is not as advanced as we would like, and that makes things a little difficult for us. But hey, “keep it simple, keep it good”.

Explain to us more about your supply chain/manufacturers/artisans (due to the difficult times we are living, this has become a very hot topic for a lot of brands).

Our products are made with our environment in mind. And with a lot of love and a little bit of Mediterranean salt.

Coexist is made with premium quality natural, vegan, cruelty-free and 100% biodegradable ingredients. Highly effective and easy to pronounce. Also, the manufacturing process of each of our products is completely handmade, they are made locally and in small batches so that each one has among its ingredients with a lot of love and attention.

Your opinion about where do you think the fashion/beauty industry is heading? (for example; some studies show how customer behaviour is slightly changing when buying fast fashion, do you think this trend is going to keep increasing, as people are more conscious about what they are buying?)

I love to think that every day we are more aware of our consequences as consumers. People are asking questions and we are becoming more informed.  This forces the industry to provide new solutions, more sustainable. A few years ago the concept of bulk, slow fashion, carbon-neutral, plastic-free or solid shampoo was hardly heard and now the big brands are beginning to echo them, reformulating their business models and releasing products that respond to these new demands. I think this trend is only beginning and has a long way to go. Also, it is a one-way street, since the ingredients and production methods used so far are destroying the planet and it is necessary to make a change.

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