Bromelia Swimwear : Empowering women and LGBTQ communities

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This brand has stolen my heart ever since I read an article about founder Lauren, and how she started Bromelia. For some reason (I guess the power of social media), we started chatting on Instagram,  and I ended up asking Lauren to be part of Saatxa.

We started this interview talking about how she created Bromelia, Lauren explained me that her dream was to build a brand to empower women and LGBTQ communities in South America - where they don’t have the same rights as they do in some other countries, plus she realised that even though these countries have an amazing amount of resources to offer, and products of incredible quality, there were not that many options to buy them outside of South America.

Lauren, who is from California, decided to move to Brazil, learnt Portuguese and absorbed everything she could about its culture and lifestyle. Her passion was (and is) to create beautiful swimsuits that capture the essence of Brazil and blend it with the California style. Then, she started to get together a team, in a non-conventional way and visited factories in Brazil. Lauren talks about how back then 99% of what she was doing it was a challenge, but she learnt a lot through all those obstacles, and nothing was going to stop her making Bromelia real.

Something that strikes me, is how she explained to me that when she started Bromelia in 2015 the word “ethical” for a fashion brand was not a thing, and how her goal was not only to offer a beautiful range of swimwear, but to support and create a community.

After only a few minutes talking to Lauren, you could feel how she is all about the people behind the brand, and that she had a very clear vision of the values she wanted to build Bromelia around.

When I asked Lauren about where she thinks the fashion industry is heading to, she mentions how nowadays people have more time to consider and research the brands that they are buying from, how we all are more interested in the story behind the brand and the people. She is quite confident, that “quality over quantity is a must now”,  and that everyone is starting to be more conscious when purchasing a product. In the end, it feels so good when you buy something as beautiful as any of Bromelia’s swimwear, knowing that you are supporting a community. She adds that since Covid-19, everything has shifted to online, which is a great for small brands like Bromelia, as people now have more time to discover them.

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