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Emily is the founder of Beatrice Bayliss, an affordable slow-fashion clothing brand based in the UK. She joined us for a chat to tell us more about her background and the mission of Beatrice Bayliss.

Beatrice Bayliss started in July 2020 just after Emily finished her embroidery studies at London College of Fashion that June. As she had an endless amount of time on her hands, Emily began creating face masks and then everything evolved organically to what it is today, Beatrice Bayliss, a brand that offers several pieces of clothing, from tops too dresses and loungewear.

Emilys dream was to start a brand that was true to the environment with affordable prices. She explained to us how when she was studying the option to buy sustainable pieces was quite difficult due to the high prices. Thats when she quickly identified a gap in the market for eco-friendly fashion items on a student budget.

Thanks to her studies, Emily is the person who is in charge of the designs, sampling and the creation of the clothes, with a bit of help in the production process from a local seamstress.  Emily told us about how challenging it was to find environmentally friendly fabrics, finally, she managed to find a German fabric supplier that they use for organic cotton and tencel, called ‘Lebenskleidung’ and a British fabric supplier for the cupro fabric, called Good Fabrics'. These suppliers are aligned with Emilys core values and they have the right certifications.

Within their production process, Beatrice Bayliss aim for zero waste so the offcuts from each collection are used to create the majority of their accessories ranging from face masks to tote bags.

We were curious to find out if while Emily was at University there were talks about sustainable fashion. She explained to us that yes, the negative side of fashion was covered in her studies. In her final year, Emily decided to go down the sustainable fashion root and she made kombucha leather a focal point in her project. That was what really drove her to create Beatrice Bayliss and to make sure everything they do is as sustainable as possible.

All their packaging is recyclable, from the tissue paper they wrap the clothes in, to the envelopes and boxes.

We ended up talking about greenwashing and Emily shared her views on that. Definitely, I think that customers are changing their behaviour and that younger generations are more aware of the issues of buying fast fashion and I believe that most of them want to buy something unique from independent stores. Brands should be more transparent because theyre not helping anyone and our planet the least.”

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